Luminarium – light or lamp.  To illuminate or to shine light through or upon…..

Luminarium Pictures was founded in the summer of 2009 by Mark Fincannon and Tamara Bracken as a motion picture company driven to impact and brighten the world through stories of everyday life using great literature and original works that ultimately bring a message of hope and inspiration.  Its goal is to write or secure the rights to screenplays that are culturally relevant as well as entertaining and excellent — films that the whole family can enjoy together as entertainment, yet grow as they sift through the principals and morals presented in each of these stories. Inside every soul lies a yearning for a message of hope.  Luminarium Pictures intends to bring these messages of hope in a vibrant, creative, and unique new way.  The stories will represent the world in an honest, gritty, and genuine way that will always give hope in the midst of tragedy, misfortune, and life’s challenges.

Luminarium Pictures has brought together two highly gifted individuals in Mark Fincannon and Tamara Bracken, who’s combined experiences and talents give Luminarium Pictures an inside understanding of story and the creative process that is required to successfully launch a motion picture.

Luminarium Pictures currently holds the rights to 6 completed screenplays.  “Samson”, the inspirational Biblical story of a man flawed, yet victorius.  “Flight of Icarus”, a sci-fi adventure, built around the Greek myth of Icarus.  An adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novella, “The Cricket on the Hearth”, a Christmas perennial filled with rich characters, the wonder of toys, and the redemptive message of Christmas that heals a family.  “Law of Eden”, a futuristic thriller about a food crisis and the truth behind it that alters the world as we know it.  “Worth”, a heartbreaking tale of perseverance and triumph that is set in the Wild West where it follows the story of a teenage girl who is taken against her will and forced into a life of prostitution.  And finally, “The Other Side of the World”, is a suspenseful fairy tale about an adventurous girl and her skeptical father who begin to discover another world beyond imagination in the writings of her late mother.