“There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.”
– Charles Dickens


Theophilus Brown

“Theophilus Brown” is a Pre-Civil War story about a young Southern man who wants to change the world by fighting the largest social injustice of his time – the institution of slavery.

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Some knew him as the enemy, others the hero. A man chosen, yet flawed…. falls, but rises again to help save his people.

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Flight of Icarus

A cyberpunk sci-fi story built around the Greek myth of Icarus, this amazing story encapsulates all the intense dynamics and energy of a hero, who must find the faith to go against all odds to find freedom, not only for himself, but for the world around him.

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The Cricket on the Hearth

This engaging Christmas story draws together the elements of New York City in 1918, the captivating rich characters found in an unfinished work with it’s great potential of becoming yet another Dickens Classic tale.

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